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    Visual Identity

Anomalia is a Brazilian Production Company that produces films using art as their main reference. They create films with impressive stories presenting high quality footages, avoiding excessive technology and computer graphics techniques in its content. Rafael Ghencev invited me to create the logo and visual identity for the company, replicating for their stationery material.

Rafael wanted the logo made by hand, connecting to the main concept of the company: Craft materials that resembles art and a sort of surrealism. So, following that concept I’ve built a Cola Pen and started testing some things in paper, the result was a calligraphic logo. A digital tagline font was added to connected the concept with their real execution: Films.


For the Visual Identity, Rafael wanted to create something related to art, he asked for brushed backgrounds that remind a painted canvas and also asked for a creation of surreal characters to be part of the identity. The characters needed to have an artistic touch, something that reminds artist pieces so we’ve had an idea to create contemporary characters using fancy clothes and replace their heads with video tools, resembling film directors.



A few tests: