Boticario | Botica 214

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    Art Direction

I was approached by Vetorzero to help them creating the Art Direction, Key Visuals and Film Style frames for the new campaign of a Brazilian fragrance brand called Boticario. The brand was releasing a new product called Botica 214 and my role was to create powerful visuals that connects with the packaging.

This was the first approach we came up with:

The solution we’ve found was to create a garden that was made of glass, the same reflective and faceted glass that holds the fragrance. The majority of the flowers in this composition are the flowers used to create the fragrance.

Final Composition


The concept ideas for the film surrounds in the same universe as the keyvisual, a garden made of glass showing the fragrance as part of this magical garden. I tried to tell that story through a few styleframes to help them conceptualize the film.