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Famiglia Baldassarre

Baldassarre Pasta Fresca is a company that supplies Toronto’s most chefs with the highest quality pasta since 2010. In the end of 2015, I was invited by the East end Project to create and direct the new Visual Identity for the Company.

The new identity needs to transmit the company’s message:

The care for traditional processes and the freshness of their products.

The Logo

The first part of the process was creating a new logo that resembles all the aspects that represent the company: Tradition and Product freshness. Some studies were made based on the movement that the pasta (mostly spaghetti) does when the chefs are manipulating or when people are eating them. To transmit this freshness we did some research for visual references and elements that resemble this heritage touch. A new logo and custom type based on the fresh pasta’s movement was created and some distressed textures and yellowish and brownish colors were applied creating an old and traditional atmosphere.




The logo has being used in their physical materials, social communications, and digital platforms.


Video & Photo

To show the quality of their products we’ve made a visit at the Baldasssarre’s kitchen to photograph and record Leo’s work process. The result was a photo album 3-minute film where Leo explains his process, the quality of the materials and philosophy behind the company.

Photography shot by Nick Wong.

Interview shot by Panic and Bob.

My Role in this part: Co-Direction, Art Direction, Design Direction and Color Grading.


Making of:



To fully explain the Famiglia Baldassarre story, we created an identity and website for it to live on. The website was designed to expand and host the brand story as it evolves.



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