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FREE FIRE Continental Series 2020 – Respect

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    Art Direction, Design Direction, LookDev, Retouching

I was invited by the amazing team from Histeria to help them with the Art Direction and Design Direction of the largest Free Fire global championship. My role in this project was to set an Art Direction alongside their creative team for the entire event, we came up with some powerful Key Visuals and a huge library of Graphic Elements that was used during the entire event.


The Visual Identity explores the mix between old and new as the main reference. Having textures inspired in old constructions and landmarks around the world but also adding graphic elements that gives a touch of futurism. An identity that preserves the old but look forward towards the future.



Color Palette

The color palette takes inspiration in the key visuals developed for FFCS2020. Warm colors set the tone for the entire visual package, creating a vibrant atmosphere as the cold colors add a futuristic touch. Each region has a unique color palette that takes inspiration from the landmarks and cultural aspects.


Graphic Library

A large set of graphic elements were created in order to establish a feeling of modernity and futurism. The mixture between rustic textures from the large constructions and the modernity of the graphic elements and typography is essential to create something that is unique and connects with the main Keyvisual.


Early Concepts


My role: Art Direction, Design Direction, LookDev*, 3D*, Retouching

Creative Direction: Estúdio Histeria
Art Direction & Design Direction: Danilo Silveira
Design: Mauricio Gomes, Bruno Medeiros
3D & LookDev: Paulo Sampaio, Danilo Silveira
Concepts & Character Design: Estúdio Histeria

*Shared with other talents