Fresno – Poeira Estelar

Poeira Estelar is a song from the album called “A Sinfonia de tudo que há” made by Fresno, a Brazilian famous Band.

The film director Marcel Izidoro invited me to gather powerful VFX artists in order to produce a visual experience for this song. I’ve met the Director and the Band to brainstorm ideas together, creating an environment that fits and potentializes the idea written in the song. I was in charge of the Art Direction, Design and Post-Production Direction.

Poeira Estelar talks about how great we are in that universe because our memories redefine and shape us. To potentialize this idea, we’ve created a story based on an old guy, marked by his memories and lost in the vast darkness of the cosmos.

Concept Boards


The main character needed to be an old person to transmit the idea as clearly as possible, old persons lived and experienced so many things in life and they can transmit their life history, their knowledge and all that richness easily. When we started creating the old man we wanted to use in this music video, we were looking for an old guy that had marked his history on his skin. We were looking for someone who transmits his memories outside without telling a single word. And then Marcel and I chose our grandfathers, using them as the main reference to produce a new character that has their memories shaped on his body. It was also a tribute to those guys who inspired us and stayed beside us in many moments of our lives.



Particles and Dissolving

Inspired by Ernst Chladni and his awesome pattern artworks made with sound we’ve created a particle system to represent the evolution of the main character, when he transcends his emotions and memories becoming part of the universe, filling the emptiness with stars and galaxies made of his history.




Making of