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Let’s Celebrate Women

Let’s Celebrate Women is a project founded and directed by Fabiana Inu that shows women who make history around the globe.
The project was created from the desire to help change the current scenario. Where the lack of celebration of women’s achievements (history books and media) creates a false interpretation that women don’t do anything significant to the world.
This project was featured on a Brazilian online magazine Ovelha Mag. Read the Interview here.
I was in charge to create the Logo + Visual Identity in partnership with Fabiana Inu.


The project shows great women who made a difference in this world, so we decided to treat these girls like heroes. For the logo, we tried to convey the same feeling creating a bold custom type with hard lines that represents the idea. The logo was inspired by comic book female heroes. The main reference was the Batgirl comics.


Visual ID

The women are presented in a single square image, easy to share on facebook and tumblr. The idea to design the cards was similar to the logo, comic book female heroes.


This powerful and great illustrations were made by the founder Fabiana Inu, she’ve created a hero portrait of each women who made history in the world.