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    Video Feature Presentation

In order to promote Motorola’s line up and brand positioning, the company had created a unique experience showing a wide range of features inside of their mobile phones in a different communication strategy, reinforcing the message that there was a Moto for everyone.

To support this whole idea, we’ve created a video showing a few archetypes, presenting exotic characters in order to show that Motorola would suit to everyone, even the strangest people. The video was presented in the event at Shopping Eldorado in São Paulo, Brazil. I was in charge of Art Direction and Design Direction, sharing some design stuff and motion graphics with the most talented professionals I’ve ever met:

Junior Designer and Art Assistant: Matteus Faria.
Motion Graphics and Design: Rafael de Araújo and Daniel Rodrigues.

Design and Art Direction

The 2014 Motorola visual campaign was totally made using hand made craft objects. We’ve tried to follow this idea creating some 3D scenes with objects in low poly and 2D icons to represent the features of the phone, connecting them with the characters acting. Besides being a pretty cool visual, worked very well with the animation style we’ve created for this piece.