I was invited by ACACA Studio to do the Art Direction and Design for a short video that promote a Netflix Series called 3%. The video was Directed by the amazing Designer Daniel Rodrigues.

During this creative process I invited my friend and talented Designer Matteus Faria to join in this project, giving his assistance and improving the final result.

Art Direction and Design

The series presents two worlds totally different from each other, divided by meritocracy. So if a person wants to move to the other side they have to prove that they deserve it. We tried to show this contrast in the video presenting two universes that are correlated but different in many aspects. One of them is a post apocalyptic world, totally destroyed where people are starving to death, and the other one is sacred, clean, pure, that can cure all diseases and solve all the problems, this world is bright, full of lights, like heaven, but you have to do many sacrifices in order to jump into this world.


Subtitle tests