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One Academy

One Academy is one of the largest Gyms focused in obstacle racing that provides several training programs that fits for any kind of people, whether you athlete or not.

I was in charge of creating a Visual Identity that gathers all the spirit of the Gym: Teamwork, commitment and focus. During the creative process, the team were still deciding which name the company would use, they were leaning towards to One Academy, One Transformation Academy and One Army, so we ended up sketching several logos that transmits those ideas to see what would fit better.

After all those sketches we came up with a simple solution. Strong and bold shapes that resemble running lanes, also a shield, representing the teamwork.


The visual identity was created and extended by solid and contrasty colors: dark grey with a touch of gold and the font we’ve chosen was FLAMA, a Display condensed font.

To differentiate the races from the training we’ve made an alternate logo made with brush strokes. The logo is being used for their elite team in competitions and races. The rough lines represents the endless effort and warrior spirit of the team to conquer the most difficult challenges.

You can see how ONE ACADEMY has being exploring the Logo and Visual identity in different ways and different medium such as walls, flags, apparel among others (some of the shots were not taken by me.).

For the very first clothing line, we have started exploring some graphic elements that corresponds to the core of what obstacle racing is: Trail & adventure. But keeping the minimalism we built for the brand as is. It was possible to personalize the shirt writing your name on the back.

T-shirt Design by: Ken Tsujimoto.
Art Direction: Danilo Silveira
Photos taken by: John Roberts (a.k.a @lionandgoose) and Danilo Silveira.

For the Launch promotional video, the idea was to show visually how hard these athletes work to achieve their results and how the gym can help them in their journey. The sense of community is very strong in this sport so we tried to show that together they can achieve any goals.


One Academy
East End Project
Joel Reilly
Art Direction & Design Direction:
Danilo Silveira
Robert Lyte

Making of: