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    Design, Art Direction

I was invited by BEELD Motion to help them create a new visual Identity for SPORTV, one of the biggest Sport Channels in South America.

So for the first test we’ve spent some time experimenting several graphic styles and forms in order to find a new path for the channel.

After all composition, type and color tests we’ve chosen one direction to go through and we’ve started building grids that support the ID and the all content. The grid was built as an extension from the logo, expanding its form, creating blocks that support the image and content.

We have also created a large gallery of patterns, textures, and color palette that gives personality to each segment in the channel.

Here are the final frames we have delivered for the channel so they could produce all the rest of the ID.

REEL and Motion Graphics videos made by Diego Galluzo e Julio Marcello.


Video made by SPORTV speaking a little bit more about the creative process and introducing the new brand.