Waze – Driblando o Trânsito Juntos

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    Google | Waze

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    Assistant Director

To gain people’s attention in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and potentialise their presence in the country, Google have created a short campaign for the World Cup including new voices on Waze using famous Brazilian broadcast sports commentator guiding people around the country in a funny way. To present this new voices on Waze and potentialise the campaign we’ve decided to create a new approach, bringing the “wazers” (avatars in the app) to the real world.

The final result was an amazing 45 seconds spot that I had the pleasure to participate working as an Assistant Director, Designer Director and Art Director among other great professionals in the field.

Creative Process

The first step was to insert a human touch into the Waze bidimensional interface, using the original wazers characters as a reference we’ve created some 3D funny characters to insert them into the real world. The rest of the interface we kept in a bidimensional treatment but we’ve made some animations to keep them alive.


On the other hand, transforming the Waze maps into real photos we need to add some interface elements to transmit a similar look and feel that the app has into the photos. So we took some photos of areas in São Paulo that has an intense traffic, removed the cars and people in the photos and gave a plastic look and feel to that helped to insert the 3D characters we’ve created.

Final Look


Cleaned Photos


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